Easy way to quit smoking habit

Smoking is a habit of inspiring and exhaling the smoke of nicotine and tobacco. Smoking is a second largest cause of death. It affects the physical condition of the individuals. Smoking habit, not only affected the life of smokers but it also affects the life of those people who survive in the region of them.

Smoking can change your look by changing the actual color of your teeth, skin, hairs and nails. Apart from these habits, it also decreases the actual activity of your heart, lungs, bones, tissues and it also declines the chances of fertility in individuals.

A myth about smoking- The most common benefits of smoking are- smoking is good for stress relief; it lowers the overweight, lowers the Parkinson’s disease.

Consequences of cigarette smoking   

  • Heart disease, stomach cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, emphysema and stroke.

Anti-smoking drugs is especially intended in the form of tablets, chewing gum and syrups. It helps to decreases the desire and addiction of smoking. Buy Quit smoking drug online and remove all the cravings of smoking and dependence of Nicotine. Take a big step ahead to quit the smoking.  

Truth about quit smoking drugs

Varenicline- It is a smoking cessation drug, which is mainly suggested to smokers who want to stop smoking habits. It decreases the smoking urge as well as nicotine withdrawal symptoms, nicotine craving, feeling of dizziness, constipation. It is a nicotine acetylcholine receptor partial agonist. This medicine is believed to cause the blockage of the receptor that gives the craving for the smoking.


Bupropion- It is an effective anti-smoking medicine that can also help you to stop smoking. It inhibits the reuptake of dopamine, nor- adrenaline and serotonin in the brain. It is a non-competitive nicotine receptor antagonist. Its initial recommended dose is 150 mg. It is to be administered one time in a day and the dose of this medication is slowly increased up to 200 mg.

Nicotine replacement therapy- It is most widely used by those people who want to quit smoking. These are available in the form of chewing gum, patches, pills and nasal spray. It is available in the brand of Nicorette gum. It is available in the various flavors like mint, cinnamon and fruits. This chewing gum is sugar free and it doesn’t cause harm to your teeth. It is available in the dose strength of 2 mg and 4 mg. the 2 mg of chewing is suggested to light smokers but the 4 mg of chewing gum is recommended to heavy smokers. You can buy stop smoking drug online at very cheap rates.

Some safety instructions 

  • It is not meant for children below the age of 18 years.
  • It is inadvisable in the case of pregnant and breastfeeding moms.
  • Don’t use these drugs, if you have any kind of heart disease and blood disorder.
  • Don’t use these medications, if you are suffering from any type of ulcers like stomach ulcers and intestinal ulcers.
  • Avoid the consumption of Warfarin, phenytoin and Theophylline drugs because these drug show the drug interaction with Anti-smoking drugs.

With the consumption of these Anti-smoking drugs, you can easily finish the yearning or hunger of smoking. You can buy Anti-smoking pills online from our online chemist store at affordable cost.


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